Do you have a problem managing your customers? Does your billing solution provide an integrated all-in-one solution of managing, communicating, and accepting payments from your users in the most efficient way?

simplify billing processes to increase efficiency and improve cash flow

invoicing simplified

Send e-quotations

  • Take control over your quotations and invoicing
  • Remove paper-based processes to reduced errorsĀ 
  • Collect faster payment with fewer invoice queries and errors
  • Build better customer relationships

easy to manage platform

  • Create quotations and track approvals
  • Convert quotations to invoice instantly
  • Centralised all your quotations and invoices
  • Work on-the-go at any time

Key features for suppliers

  • Create a quotation online or on the go
  • Create and store a list of your customers
  • Create a catalogue of goods and services for faster quotation and invoicing
  • Track approvals and rejections easily
  • Convert quotations to e-invoices instantly

Sending e-invoices

  • Raise invoices against accepted quotes
  • BizOn allows you to generate both e-invoice and PDF versions
  • Create and send credit notes
  • Attach related documents
  • Keep track and check payment status